AMFLAT Logistics provides

Pre-FBA 3PL solutions including

Warehousing, Storage, Dropshipment and Fulfilment.

"If you are only using Amazon's warehouse for your FBA shipments you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.  Shipping and storing your goods in a US warehouse is the most affordable and quickest way to keep inventory available for all your FBA needs."
- Seiji Hoover, Director of Logistics, PLUS Haven, Inc.

We can help you save a lot of money by improving your supply chain.

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Elizabeth Grojean

CEO of Baloo Living

"Amflat has been amazing to work with. Great communication, efficient operations, and accurate, quality work. When you never have to think about warehousing and logistics, you know they're doing a great job. I highly recommend Amflat to any sellers looking for a trusted partnership."

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Julie Noyce

Director of Operations at Care+Wear

"The team is friendly, consistently available and responsive, and has gone above and beyond...the folks on their team genuinely care and are always happily willing to work with us on various special requests, new process needs, shipping inquiries, Amazon fulfillment questions, etc. The pricing is very fair and I would highly recommend American Flat to anyone that needs a reliable 3PL company."

We can help reduce your warehousing, storage and logistics costs. Why?

We are familiar with how Amazon works because we are 8 figure Amazon sellers.

We offer inbound shipment, container unloading, dropshipping and storage  specifically for Amazon sellers.  We’ve gone through it all so we know how to help you!

Location in Ontario, California close to the Port of Long Beach and ONT8.

Save time training and let us take your fulfillment end-to-end.

Easy to access reporting, invoicing and inventory check.

Excellent Communication and real-time updates.

✔ Quick turn around and special projects.

Make your supply chain your advantage!